CONFORM®Mattress Overlay System

For all long-term or permanently bed-ridden people, the limitation of free movement poses a huge danger of bed sores.
CONFORM® overlay mattresses are supplementary mattresses which, due to their pressure relieving air chamber system, limit and in many cases avoid the danger of the development of bed sores. Furthermore, they can be of great help in the treatment of already existing diseases.

How do the CONFORM® overlay mattress work?
The air cells, which are interlinked by a channel system, create a communicating system, spreading pressure evenly in a silent way. The evenness of pressure thus avoids the so-called pressure point which might develop on particularly prominent points (trochanter, elbow, etc.) and assists circulation and nourishment of the skin in these areas.
Furthermore, the mattress segments, which work with low pressure, enlarge the patient’s entire contact surface and spread their weight over a larger area, resulting in a noticeable relief in pressure.
Working in concert, these two components achieve the prerequisite, that CONFORM® overlay mattresses can provide proven help when deployed as a Pressure Ulcer prophylaxis or therapy.

What different types are available?

Complete CONFORM® overlay mattresses are made up of individual mattress segments, which are fixed together with a connection stripes, to create an uninterrupted surface. The air filling can be adjusted for each individual segment in order to adapt exactly to the patients weight and body shape.

CONFORM® parts are produced as interlinking units.

Four individual air filled parts, sized 48x85cm, are enough to cover a standard hospital bed.

These individual parts are simply interlinked by perforated connecting strips, to form one single unit.

This partition is essential as, due to the different weights (head, shoulder, hip and feet); the individual air parts have to be filled according to the pressure applied.

Depending on the level of risk, a supplement mattress with 2-4 air segments is chosen, which can be supplemented through foam combination parts.

The most widely used variant is the BMC3, which connects three air filled segments for shoulder, hip and heel area, with a separate head part made of foam.

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