Who needs a CONFORM® Med. Air Cushion?
When forced to remain seated for an extended period of time, this leads to a great strain on the area of your body in contact with the seat, as well as on your skin. Here a CONFORM® Cushion can provide you with considerable relief. Our cushions offer the very highest seating comfort, limiting the danger of pressure sores, and can be used therapeutically with existing pressure ulcer.

Why are they made of Natural Rubber?
Since 1989 we are working with this material – we can call ourself “real experts”.
There are many advantages to manufacture with natural rubber. It is a renewable resource and only low energy expenditure is required for its treatment. CONFORM® Products are fully biodegradable and require no special disposal measure.

The special characteristics of rubber allow amalgamation of the upper and bottom plate of CONFORM® products – by vulcanisation avoiding toxic and instable adhesive bonds. All additives used for production correspond to the actual regulations of EU directives referring to use of hazardous materials, RoHS rules, as well as Reach-ordinances. We furthermore confirm our qualities free of softeners (PAC = polycyclic, aromatic hydrocarbons).

How to choose the height of the cushion for the user?
This depends on the on the need of the user. It cannot be defined by the weight only. The structure of the skeleton (ischial tuberosity and coxis bone) are most important. As higher the cushion – as better is the pressure relief.

5 cm height cushion is mainly used to increase seating comfort or as prophylactic cushions.
Pressure Ulcer – Class I

7.5 cm height cushion offer a high standard of seating comfort, but also have a noticeable therapeutic effect due the high level of pressure relief.
Pressure Ulcer – Class I-III

10 cm height cushion serve the best pressure relief as an effective instrument in Pressure Ulcer therapy. Pressure Ulcer – Class I-IV

1-valve cushion serves the best pressure relief because the air can float all over the seating-surface.

2-valve cushion has two valves to inflate the 2 divided chambers. Due to this fact, the cushion can preserve a more stable seating surface in comparison to the 1-chamber cushion. It can also be taken square and inflated more or less in the back or in the front. This can just be made according to the users needs Falling award and sideward is avoided and stable sitting in the wheelchair without physical fatigue can be reached.

4-valve cushion is divided in 4 sections. Each section has a valve to inflate. This makes it possible to balance the sitting position of patients having physical deformities e.g. of the pelvic, amputations of extremities, scoliosis, neurological changes by stroke. Due to the fact that the cushions can be adjusted to the individual requirements of the bodies, it is possible to reach a straight and physiological sitting position. Falling award and sideward is avoided and a stable sitting in the wheelchair without physical fatigue can be reached.

The C4 cushion can be used as a 1- or 4-chamber cushion, depending on the setting of the front valve. 1 or 4-chamber cushion, depending on the setting of the front valve. However, it should be taken into account that the valve does not stick out too far and thus press or rub in the back of the knees. If possible, the cushion can also be used with the central valve facing backwards.

How can I clean the Cushion and Cover?
There are various ways to clean the cushion. It can be cleaned with disinfection tissues or spray.Despite the C4 cushion, all other CONFORM® Air cushions can be machine washed.
We recommend machine washing from 30°C – 40°C (without spin cycle).

Please ensure that the valves of the cushion are closed during this process. Ozone disinfection is not possible because the rubber will get porous during this procedure.
CONFORM® Products are also used in Hospitals. In these facilities it is quite common to clean with a high pressure cleaner and /or disinfection solutions, this does not harm the cushion.
The cover can be machine washed from 40°C – 60°C.
The Product is made of natural rubber and it should be not be exposed to sunlight (UV-light), which could result in premature ageing of the material.

How long is the life span of CONFORM® Products?
This depends on the user.
If a single person is maintaining (cleaning) the cushion it may be in use for more than 5 years. When used in nursing homes, where cushions are handed over to various users, the durability of the cushion may be reduced, due to stress. In all cases a durability of 3 years has to be considered. For this period the manufacturer will guarantee for any material and production faults. Even after expiration of guarantee we repair the cushion free of charge.

Does a smouldering cigarette cause a CONFORM® cushion to burn?
Here we wish to point out again, that the cushion has a flame retardant cover. The cover of the cushion was tested according to DIN EN 1021-1 and 1021-2 (Test of fire source sensibility of the cushion components of seats). We confirm our cover passed this test requirement.
Please note that the fire retardant ability of elastomers can be influenced only by adding toxic additives. These additives should not be used when producing a medical product.