CONFORM® Med. Air Cushions are made of natural rubber. Natural Rubber is a renewable resource which requires only low energy expenditure processes for its treatment. CONFORM® Products are fully biodegradable and require no special disposal measure.
Our cushions offer the very highest seating comfort, limiting the danger of pressure sores, and can be used therapeutically with existing skin problems. The high elasticity results in pressure relief – allowing the blood flow in the capillaries. The cushions are used from stage of prophylaxis up to pressure ulcer (Class IV , Braden Scale – Highest Risk). According to Waterlow score – we confirm, that the cushions can be used also at a score of 20 and above.
Special features of CONFORM® Medical Air Cushion Systems;

  • We  offer seating cushions in 3 different heights
    (5 cm, 7.5 cm and 10 cm)
  • Wide range of different sizes
  • Individual sizes
  • We manufacture from biological friendly natural rubber
    – a renewable resource
  • Due to the fact, that natural rubber aborbs humidity, xxxxmicroclimate is  very good for user
  • Our cushions are sea-water resistant
  • Due to material we can vulcanise upper and bottom parts of cushions so
    that we never have to expect separations of these parts. This also means
    we do not use toxic adhesive!
  • The repair quote is extremely low (<1%)
  • Warranty for cushions is 3 years from date of invoice, under good care
    conditions cushion will last much longer.
  • CONFORM® cushions are 100 % Handmade in Germany